The Bone Orchard - Paul Doiron

The Bone Orchard is the 5th book in the Mike Bowditch series.


I need to give a word or warning in case anybody actually reads my blogs.  This book, along with the first book, The Poacher's Son, is written with sex scenes.  While I'm not a prude and a series I really like is Ann Charles' Deadwood series that seems to have more romance in them as the series continues, I think  Paul Doiron goes a little too far.  He gets into the "insert part A into part B" with his descriptive romance scenes.  If that's your thing fine. I think that's a lot of what my wife reads.  I just want to warn people about this so they don't recommend it to anyone they wouldn't want to read scenes like this.  They are only a couple of pages if that much, but I think it would a little too much for some younger readers that think they are reading about game wardens.  I'm not judging and I'm still reading the series. I'm already in the 6th book, "The Precipice" and while he's implied sex he definitely did not get as descriptive as he has before.


Now for the review.  The book starts out with two wardens answering to a 911 call about a veteran that returned from serving as an MP and losing most of his face when an IEP went off near him.  The wounded warrior had been taking his meds and drinking, locking himself in a barn and basically forced in what is called a police assisted suicide.   One of the officers was Mike's former sergeant and friend.  Within a couple of days, she is shot in an ambush at her home and is near death, with Bowditch showing up to save her life.


"The Bone Orchard' follows former warden and now civilian Mike Bowditch as he tries to find the attacker of one of his best friend and mentor in Bowditch's usual style, that is going against the grain of authority.  For me, while I enjoyed the book but it was not his best book he's written.  My opinion is Doiron's main character ramble through much of the middle of the book making it not quite as exciting as I hoped it would have been.  If you're reading the series I would definitely read the book.


The Bone Orchard by Paul Doiron

Book 5 in the Mike Bowditch series