Stay Hidden - Paul Doiron

After reading Stay Hidden I've finally caught up to the complete series, that is until July 2nd of 2019, and after reading straight thru the series, I think I can go 5 months until I read another Mike Bowditch book.


In Stay Hidden, we find Mike Bowditch no longer a Warden, but a Warden Investigator, a Warden that investigates hunting accidents incidents (In law enforcement there are no longer accidents, ie car crashes) and sitting alone in his office being a 4 month rookie without the qualifications to investigate any incidents or murders while everyone else is at a shooting investigation.


Mike receives a phone call from an island off Maine about a death that could be hunting incident and is told by his superior to go investigate with another warden, that has the flu, and a Maine State Police Detective.  The detective is there to take over if the hunting incident turns to homicide.


Mike, being Mike has never played well with others so when the warden leaves with the body and the detective leaves for a court appearance Mike finds himself alone, with that chip on his shoulder that he must solve it before law enforcement returns.


Maquoit Island is run by the harbormaster, a mean tough man that will not allow his authority, which he really has none be usurped, even by the elected constable. Most of the people that live there year-round are lobstermen and feel they are outlaws kindred to the old west where the law is dealt out by the people themselves with no outside involvement.


With only a few hours before his superiors come to take over the investigation and Mike already in trouble with his Captain for the way he has run his first investigation, Mike works every angle to solve the crime.  Can he do it?


Paul Dorion has written a neat series and shows he is really capable of writing a best selling series.  I really suggest this series to anyone that enjoys law enforcement books and books about outdoor investigations.


Stay Hidden by Paul Doiron

Mike Bowditch series, book 9