Scorpion: A Group Fifteen Novella (Group Fifteen Files Book 1) - Steve Cavanagh, Mark  Dawson

If you've noticed anything about what I read is that I love series and that is 99% of what I read.  Last year I started reading the Eddie Flynn series by Steve Cavanagh and I was impressed by how good the series is.  When I saw that Steve was attached to this book and after I read the description I thought I would read the three novellas that are out now under the series name "Group Fifteen Files" which Dawson uses different writers.  How much Cavanagh and the other writers contribute I have no idea, but what the heck, go for it.  I've never read any of Dawson's John Milton books but I probably should add them to my ever-lengthening list.


This novella is written bouncing back and forth between the protagonist, John Milton, and the antagonist, the Scorpion, and every now and then third person.  Milton's job is to kill the Scorpion and the Scorpion's job is to kill 3 people. A Saudi prince, a former war correspondent Hailey Banks, and a third unknown person.  Milton's job is to catch the Scorpion when he goes after Banks.  Like most books, it see-saws the advantage between the main characters to see who comes out on top, or in a book's place in the last chapter.  It's sort of easy to guess who makes it to the last chapter.


If you want a nicely written spy novel that you can read in a couple of hours then give Scorpion a shot. I'm sure a lot of you have read some of the John Milton series (no, not Paradise Lost) and are familiar with the character.  I'm not. 3 stars from me for Scorpion.


Scorpion by Mark Dawson w/ Steve Cavanagh

A Group Fifteen Novella (Group Fifteen Files Book 1)