The Whispering Room - Dean Koontz

This is a book and story I love.  This is a book I hate.  


Koontz has a really good story and a good idea for a nice series.  The only other books I've read by Koontz was the Odd Thomas series, and I loved most of it, but hey, I can't run around and be happy all the time.


This is a series about Jane Hawk, an FBI agent that is now public enemy #1.  She discovered very rich people doing their Pinky and the Brain imitation of someone wanting to take over the world.  The Whispering Room gets Jane further into the conspiracy and sets her eyes on one person that she believes is behind it all.  The story is really good and it keeps you interested in the book.


The bad part of it is something I've read in other reviews, and they are 100% correct.  Even the first book in the series was written this way.  The book is written like a TV show or movie.  Chapters, and I mean a lot of chapters are only 2 to 3 pages long, like changing scenes in a TV show.  There are very few chapters over 20 pages if any.  Since I've only read the Odd Thomas and don't remember it being like this, I don't know if this is how Koontz normally writes or if he is doing a project that he's trying to get in another medium.


I really enjoy the story and this is just a small nag, so now I continue on into the next book in the series, The Crooked Staircase.


The Whispering Room by Dean Koontz

Jane Hawk series, book 3