Evil Games - Angela Marsons

I had to put off my review because one of my favorite series had a new release and I had to read it.


Evil Games is an excellent book by Angela Marsons.  When I first started reading Evil Games I didn't think Marsons could make the antagonist work.  In this case, it would be a psychiatrist that would take patients that had gone through physical and mental trauma and nudge them into revenge against the person that hurt them.  Usually, that hurt ended with death.  Marsons does make it work and she creates one of the evilest villains I've read in a while.


D. I. Kim Stone is investigating crimes and Dr. Alexandra Thorne keeps popping up.  Kim just can't shake the feeling that something is wrong when revenge crimes keep happening and Alex is somehow involved in all the patients carrying out these crimes, all the time knowing that it will be impossible to implicate the Doctor in the crimes, I mean how can someone suggest a Doctor of these actions, much less prove that the Doctor was in concert with these people. When the Doctor finds out that Kim has caught on to her 'tests' the only thing she can do is make Kim one of her tests by getting into Kim's head.  I think in the first book review I did in this series I used cat and mouse to describe the interactions in Kim's investigations and that describes how it works in this book.  It's just the cat and mouse keep changing back and forth.


This is a most excellent book and becoming a very good series.  If you're into crime, thrillers and mystery books then this should be right up your alley.


Evil Games by Angela Marsons

D.I. Kim Stone series, book 2.