Void Wyrm (The Magitech Chronicles #2) - Chris Fox

Book one, Tech Mage, leaves us with Maror Voria about to go to trial for killing her first officer, a Captain Thalas that referred to his men as fodder and rage against the book's protagonist Aran. Since this is Aran's book we know how that turned out. Major Voria had seen an augury from the Tender Aurelia that included Aran but not Thalas. When Major Voria had been relieved of her command is when she shot Thalas, to finish what she had seen in the augury and win the battle against Nebiat. Aran had been promoted to Lieutenant and basically won the battle, with the help of Voria, Nara, and Sergeant Crewes.


Now in book two, the court-martial ends with Voria being stripped from Major to Captain and her crew and ship disbanded. Now comes another augury and Voria must travel to the Umbral Depths, a dangerous unknown place.


So even though these are some spoilers, these all come in the first part of the book and are pretty much expected and easy to predict from the reader. Void Wyrm is pretty much like the 1st book. good writing, decent story and Fox does a good job keeping you into the story. I had to laugh at one part because it was like they were visiting the Wizard of Oz, to get and learn their powers and strengths.


Even tho I gave it 2.5 stars it is really entertaining and worth the read if you like science fiction and magic.  The only reason I didn't review it earlier is that I didn't feel like writing in my blog when I finished Void Wyrm on March 23rd, and here it is March 27th. I just couldn't put the book down that I started that night after Void Wyrm.


Void Wyrm by Chris Fox

Book two in The Magitech Chronicles series