Kill the Farm Boy - Kevin Hearne, Delilah Dawson

If you want a fun fantasy to read, then this is it.  If you want the full power of the book then listen to the audiobook.  Luke Daniels is the greatest.  He did all the urban fantasy Iron Druid series, which is completed and Luke Daniels did the audiobooks on these, using his voice to do the cast of dozens.  If you listened to any of these, you'll pick up Oberon in Kill the Farm Boy.  What is Kill the Farm Boy about?  This was in the acknowledgments of the book.

Unlike perhaps all other humans in history, we are thankful for airport barbecue. Not because the barbecue was good but because the joint inside the Dallas–Fort Worth airport was strangely open at 10 a.m. in February 2016 and we could sit down and chat for an hour before we had to catch our flights home. It was during that discussion that we thought it was high time someone killed the farm boy. And by that we meant it was time to make fun of white male power fantasies, the formula for which almost always involves some kid in a rural area rising to power in the empire after he loses his parents, usually because somebody comes along and tells him not to worry, he’s special. (For the record, we do not have anything against farmers of any gender.)

The book main characters are a poo boy farm boy, a talking goat, a woman cursed to be half rabbit, a terrifying warrior in a chain mail bikini, a sand witch, and a Dark Lord and his rogue (both afraid of chickens).  Each has their own quest but join to create a mighty party and a single quest.


This was the second time I've read/listened to the book and even though the Kill the Farm Boy is not that old of a book I must have been multi-tasking when I read it the first time, just remembering small parts of the book.  The reason was to read the next in the series, No Country For Old Gnomes, which Hearne says you don't have to read Kill the Farm Boy before reading the second.


I rate the book 4-1/2 stars, a great read, but I rate the audiobook 5 stars.


Kill the Farm Boy by Kevin Hearne and Delilah Dawson

1st book in the Tales of Pell series.