No Country for Old Gnomes - Kevin Hearne, Delilah S. Dawson

There's a big difference in this book and the first book.  No Country for Old Gnomes is more of a fantasy than humor, where the first book was more humorous.  Dawson and Hearne must have one heck of an editor, intertwining the writings of two very good writers into a magnificent story.  Put the great writing along with Luke Daniels voice acting and you get a very great product.  Please don't get me wrong, this book is really a fun book to read, the imagination of these two writers and where they get their ideas are second to none.  


The main characters are 2 gnomes (one acting as his twin brother), a halfling, an ovitaur (think a satyr, but more sheep-y), a dwarf, and a gryphon.  Just like the first book they must start a quest, with this quest being to save the gnomes from extinction.


Be warned tho, the dwarf swears a lot, like "Oh, my angry asparagus!", "Oh, piglet pants!" and other really bad swearing.


Dawson and Hearne gave us a really fun book to read.  Hearne says the first is not required to be read first but it is one of the funniest fantasy books you'll ever read, so read them both, in order.


I rate this 4 stars and highly recommend it.


No Country For Old Gnomes by Delilah S Dawson and Kevin Hearne

Book 2 in the Tales of Pell series.