Trail of Lightning (The Sixth World) - Rebecca Roanhorse

I've seen this book and the second book of the Sixth World series by Rebecca Roanhorse reviewed here at BookLikes and I put it not only on my TBR list but to the front of the class and read probably one of the best books I've read this year.  Rebecca is an excellent writer and a better storyteller.  That's probably why she is a Hugo & Campbell award winner.  Her audiobooks are brilliantly performed by Tanis Parenteau, and she does this series justice!  Rebecca does a great job of writing science fiction, fantasy, and her Navajo heritage.


Our antihero is Maggie, a monster killer, trained by Neizghání who's Mother was a god and is known as a slayer of monsters.  Neizghání shows up in Maggie's life after she finds that she has a clan power, something that is rare in this post-armageddon life. The book starts up a couple of years after Neizghání abandons Maggie.  Now people come to Maggie and rely on her to kill monsters.  Maggie's first adventure in the book is to track down a missing little girl that turns out to have been taken by a monster.


That's all you'll get from me. a poorly written review but hopefully you will believe me when I tell you this book and series is worth your time.  It will be one of the series that will fill in for Hearne's Iron Druid series now that it is finished and also Jim Butcher's Dresden Files since he's probably decided to enjoy life for a while.  Rebeca Roanhorse's Sixth World series is that good.