Storm of Locusts (The Sixth World #2) - Rebecca Roanhorse

I just finished Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse and had to start and finish Storm of Locust.  That's the nice thing about finding a great book a year after it's been released and the second in the series has already hit the shelves.  I didn't take time to write a review that's how bad I wanted to read this book.  Between Rebecca Roanhorse's storytelling and Tanis Parenteau's performance as the narrator on the audiobook, it becomes a book you can't put down.


Rebecca Roanhorse's use of her Navajo life, re-imagined after an Armageddon scale major catastrophe of what is called Big Water wipes out the world.  All that is left in our protagonist's life is the land of her people, which is east and south, to the west of Big Denver to Burque (Albuquerque) which is south and west, and to the north is the Exalted Mormon Kingdom in the Salt Lake City area which would be north.  To the east is the tops of the Appalachians and then further east is the Swiss Alps.  Nothing else exists in this universe (as of this book).  Rebecca uses the Diyin Dine╩╝é (Navajo Gods) and clan powers that comes back when the sixth world is created (or brought back) after the catastrophe in her stories, bringing a fresh subject into the fantasy and science fiction genres that makes this series so good.


So go out and grab a copy of Trail of Lightning if you haven't read it and then start Swarm of Locust. You won't be disappointed.