A Wild Fright in Deadwood - Ann Charles

I like these no-brainer mystery/horror (very light on the horror) books by Ann Charles.  After reading the first two Dune books this was a welcomed vacation from books that require extra brain powerlifting.  I think this is the best in the Deadwood Mysteries series that I have read to date.


This is another Violet Parker book, full-time real estate salesperson and part-time Scharfrichter, or executioner of the dead.  I don't really think on a literary sense that it is a 4 star but this series pretty good.  It sort of goes against my judgment but I really liked the book. It's fairly predictable with the romance and spookiness but Ann Charles does come up with some good twists that make this book enjoyable.


I think Ill binge read what I have in this series.  I have too many aches and pains to read anything serious right now.


A Wild Fright in Deadwood by Ann Charles
Book 7 in the Deadwood Mysteries Series