Tequila & Time - C.S. Kunkle, Ann Charles

Tequila & Time is # 7.5 in the Deadwood Mysteries Series.  One thing I've found out about this series is the .5 novellas are hit and miss, and for me, this was a miss.


For me, this was 76 pages of two women getting sloppy drunk and doing what the author thinks these two 30 somethings would do when celebrating one of the women's birthday.  It barely touched on the paranormal that I love in this light-hearted, no-brainer series.


But I like the series and had to read it.  During today I finished this book and started book 8 in the series.  It is back to business as normal.


1.5 stars for me.  While I like the series, this was a time waster for me.


Tequila and Time by Ann Charles

Book 7.5 in the Deadwood Mysteries Series and book 4 in the Deadwood Shorts Series.