In The Market For Murder - T E Kinsey

In the second installment of the Lady Hardcastle Murder Mysteries, we find our Lady Emily Hardcastle and her Lady Maid and best friend Florence (Flo) Lawrence going to a livestock auction, going to a Rugby match, going to a farmer's market for lunch, going to a seance, and the bringing to justice the people that committed insurance fraud, scams, improper disposal of a body, a misuse of witchcraft, the theft of a Rugby trophy, attempted murder, and of course a murder or two.  All this and they buy a car and dare say, two women driving a car?  People are aghast.  These two lead us through such a busy life.


I enjoy these type of books, even though they aren't that great but there's a little too much saccharin in this series where I can read more than a couple at a time.  I enjoy the author's use of what we think of the proper English used in the early 20th century.  I also enjoy Elizabeth Knowelden's storytelling in the audiobook.  If it weren't for Knowelden's narration I would never have bothered with the books.  She really has her pish posh's down. 


I forgot to rank this but I give it 3 stars


In the Market for Murder by T. E. Kinsey

Book 2 in the Lady Hardcastle Murder Mysteries series.