The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins

When I started here at BookLikes, I started doing my blog again, LQLarry Reads, and on the books, I just probably do what a lot of people do, which is cut and paste what I post here.  I also like to compare books to movies and make some other observations.


The reason I'm choosing to read The Hunger Games series is that I walked into the room my wife watches TV and The Hunger Games was on so I lingered and watched about five minutes of it and left it behind.  I enjoyed all the movies and enjoyed the books by Suzanne Collins with this probably the first YA book series that I've read (make it second after Harry Potter).  So on my blog, I'll do just small comparisons and not really reviews since they're old and most everybody has read and watched both sets.


This will be my 3rd read of the 1st book, and last Sunday I watched the 1st 3 movies and last night I watched the 4th.  I enjoyed the movies and I'm enjoying the book, and the audiobook as well.