Lost Girls - Angela Marsons

I finished Lost Girls last night and this series gets better and better.  Usually, I binge read a series when I find a good one but this time I'm going to mix it up.  I actually was going to read another book instead of this one but I didn't have it loaded on either of tablet or Chromebook.  I think I made a great choice resuming the series.


Lost Girls finds us with D.I. Kim Stone being assigned to a case instead of demanding to be put on a case after she was asked to do an initial interview after a parent of a kidnapped girl asked for her by name.  The biggest thing about the kidnapping is that it wasn't one girl but two girls.  Best of friends with families that always did things together.  Marsons takes us on a very journey through this case through Kim's eyes and the result is an easy to read detective story about a D.I. that is like a bulldog and won't let go of anything and while she refuses to get personal, touchy-feely she still takes and makes everything personal. To me, it is really a good series so far and worth reading.


A very good 4 star read!


Lost Girls by Angela Marsons

Book 3 in the D.I. Kim Stone Series