Foxglove Summer: A Rivers of London Novel - Ben Aaronovitch

This has been the best of the series for me as of late.  Peter Grant is on his own, with the exception of Beverly Brooke, his new girlfriend and one of the Queens of a River.  Peter has been sent on assignment from Falcon to help search the disappearance of two pre-teen girls and since this has the Falcon call sign attached to it, that means the Folly is involved and magic is in play.


Peter is now in a small village surrounded by cleared woodlands and is tasked with being attached to one of the families of the missing girls and has the help of Dominic, one of the local policemen assigned to watch over him.  Nobody wants magic around, and with the media coverage that meant Peter had to be at his best at concealing the magic.


The book is great, it really starts to define Peter, as a man, as his job as a policeman, and as his position as an apprentice at the Folly.   Aaronovitch doesn't disappoint us with his storytelling, the research he does of the area and the history of the area the book takes place in.  Aaronovitch pulls out a lot of probably his personal tastes and knits them into his books.  I love Kobna Holdbrook-Smith's storytelling of the audio-book.  He really is the voice of Peter in this first-person magical mystery tour.  I've said before, if Urban Fantasy is one of your likes then this must be added to your TBR list.  But I know a lot of you have already read these.  So now onto The Hanging Tree.


I give this 4 of 5 stars, but of the first 5, this is the best so far!


Foxglove Summer by Ben Aaronovitch,

Book 5 of the Peter Grant (Rivers of London) Series