Dead Souls: A gripping serial killer thriller with a shocking twist (Detective Kim Stone Crime Thriller Series Book 6) - Angela Marsons

This is the sixth book in the DI Kim Stone series. The prologue starts with the suicide of a teenage boy that has to stop what he is doing to write a letter to his mother to let her know it is not her fault. This part is pretty simple, but Marsons can make simple things into big things. Next, we find DI Stone in a field where she has been called after Doctor A, a forensic archeologist professor that had been called to a field site to dig and has found a human bone. The one bone turns into many bones and foul play is suspected.


All this sets up a very thought-provoking book, hitting on basically any kind of hate crime imaginable, and then some. In a crime thriller series, rarely does a fictional story make you think about things that have affected you, or someone close to you, as this book does. This book puts the small groups of people that hate anybody different and how they go out and hurt these people. Hopefully not as bad as in this book, but with us living in the instant news era, we do see these hate groups too much.


I can't go much further discussing the book unless I start giving out spoilers, and with most of my reading, these books have been out a few years and already discussed. This series for me has become a must-read series. Angela Marsons is turning out to be the Queen of research for her books. I really appreciate the time and quality of her writings and the journey she takes me on when I read her books.


Broken Souls by Angela Marsons,
Book 6 in the DI Kim Stone Series