Broken Bones - Angela Marsons

In Angela Marsons' 7th book in the DI Kim Stone, we find Stone's team broken up.  Not disassembled but divided up into two teams, Kim and Bryant, per the DCI's instructions, and Stacey and the overprotective Kevin, see the last book for more details.  Stone and Bryant start looking into suspicious deaths in prostitutes and Stacey and Kevin work on the death of a man found frozen to death in a snowbank. 


While this was a good book, I found it a little different than previous Marsons books where Stone was the main character in almost every chapter, to where we were bouncing around between teams in every other chapter.  Both stories were good and Marsons' always good for her twists in the plot.  


Broken Bones goes between prostitution and how some people find themselves in that field by being forced into it, then it gets into human trafficking, slavery, and bonded service.


This could have been easily 4 or 4-1/2 stars but I think just too much was happening in this book, so I rate it 3-1/2 stars.


Broken Bones by Angela Marsons,

Book 7 in the DI Kim Stone Series