The Body In The Marsh - Nick Louth

This is the first in a series about DCI Craig Gillard, a good detective that has led a clean life, seems to be fit and the subject of a lot of water-cooler talk by the ladies.  Without getting into the sub-plots of the story DCI Gillard is called in to find a missing person, which turns out to be his first love ever, the now married Elizabeth Knight.  Liz Knight gave up her education and promising future career to marry Martin Knight, a Professor that would become a pain in the police department's butt by doing reports on how the police department was lax in their work, and how criminals were not trained to return to society and become contributing members to their community.  Liz turned down an education at Harvard so she could concentrate on her romance with her future husband and become a mother of two.


The beginning of the hunt for Liz is not helped by Liz's husband, Professor Martin Knight's denial that Liz is missing by not really co-operating with the police, and Professor Knight simply justs vanishes off the face of the earth.  DNA evidence is later found proofing that Liz is now dead, but no body is ever found.  With Professor Knight missing, a multi-country manhunt for Martin Knight goes into effect.  Evidence of affairs are found against the Professor even hurts his case even more.  After months of investigation, neither Knight is found and with the pressure of the public and press, Gillard is removed from the case.


The Body in the Marsh is well written, even though sometimes you want to scream at your book or ebook reader for the police to open their eyes to the obvious.  The sub-plots of the story work well with the investigation and Louth did his homework to make the read as real as an investigation can get.  Although DCI Gillard is a smart detective, he sort of fumbles his way to solve the case. This being his diligence to work the case from his insight and gut feelings. Eventually, he is put back on the case and works his way to the point to where he can solve the case. 


I like this series.  For me, 3-1/2 stars do not mean mediocracy.  Louth didn't just go through the paces but pieced together a really good book and I look forward to reading the next book in this series.


The Body in the Marsh by Nick Louth,

Book 1 in the DCI Craig Gillard Series