Fletch - Gregory Mcdonald

I've gotten behind here, with my computer Linux hobbies and paint preparation for the house interior, and haven't done much reading or posting my readings here at BookLikes, so this will catch me up.  It won't be a long review, it's an old book and Irresponsible Reader gave it a good review a few months ago.  I want to read this series because it sort of reminds me of the old M.A.S.H. series with the second book being M.A.S.H. Goes to Maine, by Richard Hooker with the light-hearted banter.


Fletch is Irving (I.V.) call me Fletch Fletcher (not Jane Doe like the movie).  Fletch is on a story trying to solve the mystery of where are the drugs coming from on the Beach and is under a lot of pressure to turn in his book from his editor's assistant, a woman that hates Fletch and the feeling is mutually returned.  While looking like a strung-out druggie (he does  smoke a little pot, heck it's the 70's in California) he is approached by Alan Stanwyck, a man that married his bosses daughter and then started running the father's aviation parts company so the father could put all his efforts into running his tennis club and setting up tournaments.  Stanwyck wants Fletch to murder him.


Fletch the book is a light read, 254 pages, about the investigation of the drugs on the Beach and also into Alan Stanwyck.  There are humor, murder and mayhem and all in all it's a decent book.  Like IR, I also did the audiobook, narrated by Dan John Miller and it really made the book better.


I'm rating this 3-1/2 stars.  Even though it's written in the 70's it's not really dated and enjoyable to read.


Fletch by Gregory McDonald,

Book 1 in the Fletch Series